On new paths

For us at HB-Therm AG, always staying in motion is an important part of our corporate philosophy. Agile, mobile and focused are not just attributes found in sport. We also claim them for our everyday work. To give expression to this way of working, we have decided to make our corporate branding fit for the future. Therefore: Curtain up for the new HB-Therm AG!

What moves a successful company that stands for its good name worldwide to tackle a rebranding? "For us, it was time to take the next step in our brand visibility. In doing so, we wanted HB-Therm to remain but with a modern look that would accompany our products and services in the future," says Reto Z├╝rcher, CEO of the company. As a Swiss company, we have been the technology leader in the field of temperature control technology since 1967. We have earned this market position through many product innovations. And we want to show this with a refreshed visual appearance. Because the latest innovation is already just around the corner: the market launch of the new Temperature control units Thermo-6.

Conveying corporate values

The new brand condenses in a modern, simple way what the future-oriented HB-Therm AG stands for. 
The aim was to make the existing established brand even better without losing its identity. The brand "HB-Therm" is established in the industry. As of today, simply a bit more modern. 
Unadorned, modern, high-quality and reliable - four corporate values that are expressed in the new brand. In addition, it was important that the brand continues to confidently promote trust among customers. 

Different components

As we all know, a brand consists of more than just a logo. Of course, we also lent a hand there. Changes to the corporate colour, font adaptations and a brand system that can also be continued at product level are the biggest changes. 
But there is much more to a brand experience. That's why we also worked on our imagery and communication tools, with the aim of being your new HB-Therm. The timing couldn't be better. In October, we will be presenting the Temperature control units Thermo-6, which are eagerly awaited in the industry. In addition, our new company domicile is being built on the outskirts of the city of St. Gallen. This is the ideal time to present ourselves in a new look - with a lot of conviction!

Get a first impression by looking at the pictures in the slider above.