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Switching unit Vario-5

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Oststrasse 25, 9006 St. Gallen, Switzerland

There are many possible applications for variothermal temperature control and the corresponding systems, although general basic rules apply to their connection and use. We will share our knowledge in the area of operation, give detailed insights into service and maintenance work as well as practical application aids. 
Using case studies, we train participants on how to proceed in the event of breakdowns on a Vario-5 system, possibilities for visualising data recordings and the decisive influence of water quality on the temperature control process.


  • Variothermal temperature control - Process 
  • Thermodynamics
  • Water quality
  • Electrical and hydraulic connection
  • Data recording via USB and evaluation in Excel
  • Error analysis
  • Components (disassembly and assembly)
  • Putting into operation and test operation

Target group

The training is aimed at experienced employees in the field of service and maintenance of Thermo-5 temperature control units who have at least one Vario-5 unit in operation.


The number of participants in each training is limited to 8. We will be happy to send you the course programme and registration documents immediately and without obligation.


Mihajlo Vulovic

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