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Temperature Control Units


The technology of the Thermo-6 temperature control units builds on the extremely successful Thermo-5 series. With over 100 000 units in use, HB-Therm has become the global market leader. The unit technology has always been focused on quality and durability. HB-Therm backs this with a lifetime warranty on the core components heater and now also flow meter. "Just better" stands for the consistent advancement of our technology.

Thermo-6, housing size 62 and 61

The smallest housing size is available since 2022.

Front view Thermo-6 HB-100/140/160Z61, housing size 61

Temperature control units Thermo-6 ommunicate with
the machine control via the Gate-6 interface server.

The units can also be customised colour-wise.

Speed control is standard. The Energy-Control assistant
guides the user to the optimum operating point.



Lifetime warranty on heating and flow meter.

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Pure energy efficiency

Speed-controlled pump as standard underlines our commitment to the environment. The Energy-Control wizard guides the user to the optimum operating point. 20 % higher efficiency with new exclusive Direct-Drive pump.

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Brilliant touch screen

You will master the unit in just 10 minutes. The simple control and the clear touch screen come with the expert system that provides assistance, warnings, reports and optimizes unit operation.

Intelligently networked

Ethernet (OPC UA) is standard for us. The forward-looking hardware and software architecture gives you access to the digital world.

Control, analyse and manage – all at once

Process data recording, unit history, unit-specific documents such as certificates, calibration data, operating and assembly instructions – everything is displayed quickly and clearly.

No failures. Ultra-low maintenance

We have consistently developed the unit by building on the proven technology of Thermo-5. The low maintenance requirements also make the Thermo-6 attractive in terms of upkeep.


We have put all our expertise, ingenuity and passion into the new Thermo-6. For even better performance.

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