Cleaning Unit

Cleaning Unit

Aside from reducing flow, impurities lead to a degradation in heat transfer, and thus to a deterioration in performance. Clean-5 removes corrosion and scale in moulds, temperature control units and hoses, and provides extended protection in storage. It offers easy and ecological operation, prompts the user to add the respective amounts of agent, and then automatically continues its work.

Your Benefits

For channels to become nicely clean

  • Higher process reliability
  • Longer service life

Easy, intelligent and convenient

  • Simple operation
  • Bright display
  • Convenient functions

Cleans, rinses and conserves

  • Intensive cleaning
  • Thoroughly neutralizes and rinses
  • Sustained protection

Safe, reliable and low on maintenance

  • Fully automated process monitoring
  • Durable construction

Easy on the environment

  • Uses only as much agent as necessary
  • Neutralises the cleaning liquid before draining



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