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Interface server Gate-6

The temperature control units Thermo-6 are as a standard equipped with an Ethernet interface and communicate via OPC UA with the injection moulding machine or further advanced systems. Combined with an interface server Gate-6 completely new possibilities arise for the user. The Android app “e-cockpit” sends analysis data on the touch of a button or allows the remote access to the unit by a HB-Therm specialist. Additional possibilities are the remote control of a unit and granting access to any external person. Naturally, we adhered to the highest safety standards when developing our digital solutions.

One Gate-6 is required per injection moulding machine, which ideally remains firmly connected to the machine.

The interface server Gate-6 is capable of translating Euromap 82.1 into various proprietary machine protocols. These are:
– Interface DIGITAL (ZD)
– Interface CAN (ZC)
– Interface PROFIBUS-DP (ZP)


Our gateway to the digital world

Products and solutions instead of concepts and theories! Gate-6 and “e-cockpit” are the concrete answer to today's needs and future challenges in the digitalisation of temperature control technology.

Control from anywhere via e-cockpit

Work even more efficiently and safely with “e-cockpit” on your mobile device. Call up analysis data, allow remote access or scan the fault QR-Code and quickly  order any spare parts. With the “e-cockpit” app from any place and any device.

Everything at a glance

Clear and informative compilation of all important data and documents of the associated Gate-6 and the Thermo-6 temperature control units connected to it.

Data security

Highest security standards vouchsafe data protection and safety. Remote access or upload of analysis data are only initiated after explicit user approval.

Control, analyse and support – from anywhere and at the touch of a button

Sending analysis data, remote control of the temperature control units or remote access if required – at any time at the touch of a button.

Securing the future together

We advance the digitalisation of your production. Our new generation of units makes it very easy for you. Open the door to your digital future with us! The digital world of HB-Therm provides you with all the tools you need. Precisely tailored to the needs of your production.



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