for temperature control units

Control Module Panel-5

The control module Panel-5 is a universal remote control for temperature control units Thermo-5, flow meters Flow-5 and switching units Vario-5. Operation and control is identical to that of singular units. It allows for simultaneously changing values for all units and to switch between individual or overview displays. It communicates always via the interface HB. Optional interfaces are available to connect to machine controls.

Checking Facility for Temperature Control Units

Certainty and consistent quality in any production process demand the documented maintenance of all quality-related equipment. This is also one of the requirements of a quality management system. The temperature control unit stores the values obtained by means of the checking facility. For analysis and generation of a certificate they can be transferred via USB thumb drive to a computer and further processed with the software VIP.

Carrier Frame

Carrier Frame with Central Water Supply

  • Carrier frame on castors for 2 up to 16 temperature control units Thermo-5, housing size 1 (other sizes on request)
  • Water distribution for cooling water (CW) inlet and outlet including quick release shut-off couplings DN13
  • Water distribution for separate system water (SW) inlet and outlet including quick release shut-off couplings DN9 (optional)
  • Central water supply inlet and outlet with shut-off valves and inlet filter
  • Base plate on each level with positioning slots for the units
  • Extra space allotted for flow meter Flow-5 (model: unit attachment)



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