Personnel reorganisation in product management and marketing at HB-Therm

Marketing Pro Roland Huber takes over as Product Manager / Suzana Baumann is his successor as Marketing & Customer Touchpoint Manager

Roland Huber is the name of the new Product Manager in the HB-Therm team, who took up his new position at the St. Gallen-based premium temperature control unit manufacturer in September 2022. In addition to market clarifications and analyses of customer needs, his tasks include developing the product and service strategy for the entire HB-Therm product range. Suzana Baumann is his successor as Marketing & Customer Touchpoint Manager.

With 26 years of service at HB-Therm AG, Roland Huber has a lot of experience and know-how. His training stations led him from electromechanic to electrical engineer HF and finally to the federally certified communications manager. He has impressively demonstrated his passion for new product development with the introduction of the Series 6. 

According to his own statement, "a successful product is always the achievement of an entire team. As HB-Therm's product manager, I wish I had psychic abilities to trigger trends in temperature control technology."

His successor, also from September 2022, will be Suzana Baumann, who will take up the position of Marketing & Customer Touchpoint Manager at the world's leading temperature control equipment manufacturer. As the new contact person for the press and customers, her goal is to inform about new developments and plans of HB-Therm in all media channels and to create positive customer experiences. Her responsibilities include planning and executing marketing activities, organising customer events and optimising customer touchpoints.

After almost 10 years at HB-Therm AG, Suzana Baumann is well networked with customers, journalists, suppliers and representatives. The trained commercial employee and certified call centre agent convinces with her customer-oriented, structured and communicative nature. 

Her career at HB-Therm began as a clerk in the order processing department. With a change to sales and further training to become a qualified event manager, she took more and more steps in the direction of marketing. Almost by herself, Suzana Baumann developed and implemented the company's social media presence. With the digitalisation of marketing, she has thus contributed decisively to the success of the information campaign for the new Series 6.

"I love change and challenges" says Suzana Baumann. Motivated, she is now taking on the new challenge and is pleased that new doors are opening for her with this position.