New Customer Service Manager from 1 July 2022

Nothing is "eternal", neither in nature nor in professional life. The only thing that is eternal is change. Today, our customer service is also changing! Alen Rebronja is following the footsteps of Hans-Rudolf Schneider as the new Customer Service Manager.

left: Alen Rebronja
right: Hans-Rudolf Schneider

Alen Rebronja, New Customer Service Manager
Reachable at +41 71 243 6-538 | support@hb-therm.ch

Hans-Rudolf Schneider, New Senior Customer Service Manager
Reachable at +41 71 243 6-535 | support@hb-therm.ch

Since his apprenticeship as an electrician in 1975, Hans-Rudolf Schneider has been an important part of HB-Therm. After more than 30 years as Head of Customer Service, Hans-Rudolf is now leaving the field to his young motivated successor. Hans-Rudolf will remain as Senior Customer Service Manager until his planned retirement in July 2023.

Alen Rebronja, a trained automation engineer with a tecnical commercial education, has been working at HB-Therm since his apprenticeship in 2009, many years already in customer service. He knows the units, as well as our customers and the internal processes very well and will follow in Hans-Rudolf's footsteps as the new Head of Customer Service starting on 1 July 2022.

We wish them both every success for the future in their new positions.